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Umbrella Company Ireland

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Make the Most of the Income from The Locum Work in Ireland!

With A Flexible and Totally Tax Compliant Limited by Shares or Umbrella Company.



An umbrella company is an entity that serves as a vehicle for a self-employed person who is contracting with their client. This is considered as an alternative to setting up a separate private limited company.

To operate through an umbrella company, you become an employee of that company. An Umbrella company is essentially an intermediatory between you and your client or recruitment agency that pays you for the contacts. An umbrella company offers administration services which means you don’t have to worry about appointing an accountant or deal with your taxes. This work is performed by the umbrella company. This company will run your payroll and deduct and submit with revenue relevant taxes upon paying your monthly wages. PAYE, USC, and PRSI are collected and paid to revenue by them. You get net pay similar to if you were employed by your employer. The only difference is you can claim expenses that are permissible as a self-employed person or as a Limited company by shares.

We offer certified accountants and advisors who offer tax-efficient advice that helps to keep your tax bill minimum.

Here Is What You Get!

Solution matching to your financial needs
As a medical practitioner seeking locum work, in spite of the fact that you’re undoubtedly searching for the position which best meets your abilities and expertise, you’ll also be searching for one who will fulfill your financial requirements… and that is where we can help.

Get the Most from your Locum Work
We assist medical professionals like you to get the absolute most from the locum job by supplying a more tax-effective strategy for handling their own finances.

Added Income & Benefits
By operating through an Umbrella company or company limited by shares that you won’t only conserve more of your hard-earned income but also have lots of added benefits besides.

Require Home Everything You Deserve
This usually means you could secure the locum place that satisfies your livelihood requirements together with the reassurance in knowing that all your financing will be dealt with properly and you will be getting home the greater income that you deserve.

A Realistic, Sensible and Extremely Successful Payment Plan:
Means you get the best income Yields to your locum Function without jeopardizing your Duties from a tax

Utilization of Certified Accountants:
Our expert accountants deliver the local specialist knowledge (Experienced in dealing with Local Tax authorities) needed for fulfilling all legal obligations while doing locums at Ireland… meaning as from day one, and before the final day of this contract, you stay fully compliant with Revenue and CRO (Bodies regulating businesses in Ireland).

A Committed Personal Relationship Manager:
Gives you a single direct line of contact and manages all aspects of your payroll and employment. This results in you getting an efficient service along with the reassurance in dealing with somebody who’s familiar with your personal conditions.

All Your Contracting Position Taken Care Of:
Including tax, legal, invoicing, and office insurance. This makes sure that you’re compensated compliantly, economically, and on time, while relieving you of the dull admin.

Benefits of Using an umbrella company

To operate and run a company limited by shares can be challenging and may not suit for contractors as there are number of responsibilities in that structure.

If you are new into contracting with other companies, you may want to operate hassle free and easy structure and set up in short time and easy process.

There will be no administrative burden such as Filing Income tax returns, PAYE returns, Vat returns or Corporation tax returns. Instead, you get a net pay after deduction of all taxes and you are cleared by it.

In terms of administration from Contactor, they need to keep a track of their timesheets of work done for client and umbrella company processes payroll accordingly.

The other side will be if you work exclusively as a contractor, then running a limited company by shares is a better structure as this will give more tax efficiency.

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