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Paye Umbrella Company

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A PAYE Umbrella Company is an intermediate firm responsible for deducting payroll taxes on behalf of a Contractor.

All payments are processed through the PAYE system with precise deductions and calculations of tax, PRSI, and USC to make sure you’re completely compliant without any hidden taxation surprises.

This is a perfect solution for Professional Builders and salespeople that are contracting on short-term jobs or people wanting to keep Class A PRSI Contributions.

Here Is What You Get!

Having a full-time group of consultants, tax specialists, payroll and also a committed contractor support team, we provide you the experience, knowledge and expertise to meet all functions for contract taxation, compliance and management. We are going to keep it easy, and we will not charge you a portion of your budget earnings.

Set up
Begin your set up under the PAYE Umbrella Company by completing our below-given form or directly call us.

Advisory Team
Our Expert Adviser Team will contact you prior to your set up and help with any Queries.

Contract for Services
We’ll cooperate with your agency and submit all details required for your Contract for Services

Revenue Account
You’ll need to set up a Revenue Account but we’ll assist in that process.

Business Expenses
Your Payroll Account Manager is available to advise you about claimable Company expenses and ensure You Get all entitlements

Tax and Payroll
On receipt of capital, we ensure instant processing of taxpayers with accurate tax calculations over a Real-time basis

Net payment is transferred to your Personal Bank Account with a Payslip.

It’s Beneficial to Know

If you use the Umbrella (PAYE) solution, you will be responsible for both employee and employer PRSI. This is the industry standard for this type of service, and it ensures that you keep your PRSI benefits in full. You only get paid as a contractor if you work. You don’t get paid for sick days or holidays. Contractors, on the other hand, are paid a higher daily equivalent than employees in the same role. We’ll give you tips on how to best structure your finances and maintain financial stability as a contractor.

What about taxes and Accounts

You don’t have to be concerned about any of that. Smartlink Accounts handles all of the paperwork, and there are no hidden fees. Everything is covered by your low monthly fee. You are not considered self-employed (even if you are still a contractor) if you are a member of an umbrella (PAYE) company, and as a result, you are not required to file a personal Income Tax Return with the Revenue Commissioners. Smartlink Accounts will work to keep you and your Umbrella (PAYE) Company tax compliant while also giving you the best advice on how to build wealth for the future.

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